Tractor Pull


General Rules of Conduct

  • Sportsmanship Rule: Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. This will result in suspension of one year and one day.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is not permitted in the pit area at any time. Any driver or pitman under the influence of either will disqualify that tractor and driver and will be escorted from the pit area by the Burnett County Sheriff. Drivers are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct of all their pit people. (Including Minors)
  • Registration entry fee for all classes is $25 (includes tractor and driver)
  • Each tractor pull entry fee paid will admit one person to the pit the day of the pull. If a driver has entered more than one tractor, one person will be admitted no charge for each paid entry received.
  • Any entrants under the age of 18 must provide a notarized release and valid picture ID of parent or guardian that is assuming all liability and responsibility of minor at the signing of the waiver

General Pulling Rules

  • All General Rules Apply to all classes
  • Contest is governed by the judges, with all judges’ decisions final.
  • Judges have the right to stop and disqualify participants at any time.
  • Judges may examine any part of any entered tractor, if disqualified your entry fee will not be refunded.
  • One pull per tractor, unless otherwise stated by judges. NO FIRST PULLERS REPULL OPTION.
  • Protesting of another tractor and driver must be in the same class you pull. Protest must be entered before the next class. Protest fee of $100 will apply UP FRONT per tractor protested.
  • If any parts or equipment fall off the tractor during the pull, it will be disqualified.
  • All tractors must have working rear brakes.
  • Tractor and skid must both remain within the boundaries of the track for the entire length of the pull.
  • No part of the tractor may interfere with the sled during the pull.
  • Operator must remain seated during entire pull and have complete control of the tractor at all times.
  • All pulls must start with a tight chain and be straight in line with the sled.
  • Only one type of fuel per tractor.
  • All engine fans must be factory or shrouded steel that is 1/16th or thicker. All transmissions and clutch housings covered.
  • All turbos not under a hood must be completely shrouded except for an inlet and exhaust pipe 1/16th or thicker.
  • Front weights and support frame must be a maximum of 11 inches from center of rear axle. Weights must be safely secured and must not be on 3pt arms.
  • All ignition engines must have a kill switch within reach of driver.
  • All exhausts must be factory or discharged vertically, above the tractor or to the rear.
  • All classes will use standard drawbar rules. Minimum drawbar length of 18 inches from the center of the rear wheel to the point of hook measured horizontally. Draw bar must be stationary in all directions. There is a maximum height of 20 inches from the hitching points parallel to the ground. Pull point may not be more than 1.5 inches from the back edge of hitching device. No bracing drawbar to 3-pt or top link.
  • Tractor may downshift during the pull provided the forward motion of the sled is continued. The use of torques, amplifiers, and power shifts is permitted.
  • All tractors must scale prior to hooking to the sled immediately prior to the start of your class.
  • A drivers meeting will be held prior to event start time.
  • Judges have the option to reposition any puller in a class and adjust class running order based on class participation
  • Judges have the right to move a puller to a different class
  • ALL JUDGES’ DECISIONS ARE FINAL!!!! Failure to obey track officials will result in disqualification and may lead to removal from event.
  • In the event there are only four (4) or less entries in a class, only first place will be paid.
  • Trophies will be given 1st through 3rd place.

Class Rules

Farm Stock – 4,500 to 9,500

  • Farm Stock is Farm Stock. Nothing other than stock tractors allowed.
  • No speed limit.
  • Floor plate required
  • Fenders required if tractor was factory equipped.
  • Throttle must be against throttle stop at maximum RPM
  • 200 pound grace period on weight class

Tire Size

  • 4,500 and 5,500 – 18.4 to 38
  • 7,500 and 9,500 – 20.8 to 38

Farm Stock – 10,500 To 18,500

  • Farm Stock is Farm Stock. Nothing other than stock tractors allowed.
  • RPM Limit – 3,000
  • No speed limit.
  • Floor plate required
  • Fenders required if tractor was factory equipped.
  • Throttle must be against throttle stop at maximum RPM
  • Working PTO and 3-point required (If Factory Equipped)
  • Must retain all factory cast parts, no sheet metal replacements
  • Factory add-on turbo allowed (M&W T04)
  • 200 pound grace period on weight class

Farm Stock Classic 9,000 (1960 and older)

  • Stock RPMs
  • No Speed limit.
  • Tire chart specs
  • Factory stock engine block, carburetor, and drive train for that make and model.
  • No block spacers
  • Fenders required if tractor was factory equipped.
  • Floor plate required
  • Duals allowed.
  • Throttle must be against throttle stop at maximum RPM

Farm Improved Stock

  • Factory appearing or stock replacement block, carburetor, injection pump, front end, and drive train for that make and model.
  • Allis WC and WD can run Dl 7 block
  • All tractors must have fenders and floor plates.
  • **Factory add on turbo or T04 such as 4020 or 966 is allowed in 10,000 only as long as they retain all factory add on components-intake, exhaust, ETC. No modifications allowed. Fair officials reserve the right to approve any/all add on turbo tractors to this class.
  • All factory turbos must hook up to the exhaust and intake with no modifications.
  • No block spacers
  • Governor required.

Hot Farm – 6,200/9,500/11,000 classes

  • Up to 466ci – a 3×4 turbo allowed
  • 466ci and up – 3×3 turbo allowed
  • Fuel restricted to an A pump unless factory OEM was a P-pump
  • No RPM limit
  • Roll bar or Roll cage required.
  • Block, drive line/transmission, rear axle, and sheet metal must match model of manufacture
  • No custom frames or front axels
  • Wheelie bars required.
  • Kill switch directly above draw bar required.
  • Side shields required if running a belt driven fan (electric fan preferred)
  • No intercoolers allowed.
  • Water injection is allowed.

Open Mod – 6,200/7,500/9,500 classes

  • Exhaust pipe must be cross bolted
  • Roll over protection required.
  • Helmet and fire suit mandatory
  • Must have safety blanket or scatter shield around clutch and fly wheel
  • Front dampener covered.
  • Must have break away switch and secondary emergency shut off within reach of driver
  • Wide front must track with in rear wheels

Grantsburg Fair Tractor Pull Rules (Printable)

Tractor Pull Entry Blank (Printable)