Full Size Truck Rules

Full Size Truck Rules 2019

  1. Up to ¾ ton pickups allowed. Frames no more than 7” tall and no more than ¼” thick. No Imp subs, K frames, etc. No double frames!  No cradles!  Four wheel drives must remove front drive shaft.
  2. Welding from the center of front wheels forward is permitted. This is the only frame welding allowed.
  3. Drivers door may be reinforced but may not extend more than 2” from original body or more than 5” past front and rear door seams.
  4. Dash bars 3” maximum size. Door bars and rear seat bars allowed.  No kickers attached to frame.
  5. Cab and box may be bolted down to the frame with no more than 8 additional 1” bolts total between cab and box. Washers cannot exceed 6” diameter.
  6. Box may be welded to the cab with four 4” x 4” x ¼” or four ¾” bolts with 4” x 4” washers can be used. A 2” x 2” angle iron on top front of box to cab is also allowed.
  7. Tailgates must be welded on and in stock position. Factory tailgates only! IF TAILGATE FALLS OFF, YOU ARE DISQULAIFIED!
  8. All doors must be tied shut with single loop chain or up to eight 4” x 4” pads per door.
  9. One strap per side may be welded over taillight hole. Maximum of 4” wide x ¼” thick and may not extend more than 3” beyond each side of the taillight hole.
  10. Radi barrels must be inside frame rails (top & bottom). May be welded or bolted.  Maximum 3” thick outside to outside and must be vented downward.
  11. Hoods must have 12” x 12” hole in center. May be fastened with up to six 1” rods.  May be bolted to frame but not welded. Must have hood on truck.
  12. If floor is not there, you may weld in a floor not to exceed 1/8” thickness and may not be welded to frame. Officials will have a drill to check any questionable floors.
  13. Stock gas tanks must be removed. Gas tanks must be in the box and in front of the rear axle.  Maximum 6 gallon tank and must be securely fastened. No plastic tanks. No ratchet straps, bungee cords or zip ties allowed.
  14. Engine in vehicle does not have to be of the same manufacturer as the body. Motor mounts may be welded. Two additional straps may be used but must be behind the water pump pulley but in front of the carburetor.  May not exceed 1/4” x 2” x 24”. Or two chains may be used, maximum 5/16” single loop x 24” long.
  15. Look at the general rules as they apply to every pit person and every driver.
  16. Stock bumpers only. Must cover front beam.  No pointed bumpers!
  17. If rear bumper is removed, frame rails must be capped using 4” channel iron or angle iron. May not extend further than the frame rail width.
  18. Suspension welding allowed. NO LIFT KITS!  Must have leaf springs, no homemade packs.
  19. Roll cage allowed. Braces going from back of cab in the box must stay in front of the wheel wells and can only be bolted to the frame.
  20. Frame repair patches maximum 6” long and ¼” thick. Plate on outside of frame only.  Eight inches between patches.
  21. No stuffing of frames, side panels of box, fenders, etc.

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